Quick insights into xAPI for Learning and Development

It is about better suiting the needs of the modern learner – who is mobile, flexible, uses different content sources and tools, multiple devices, needs content ‘in the workflow’ and on-demand. Traditional corporate learning usually means one central formal source for staff to access learning resources – the LMS. But in reality, the modern learner uses many different and often informal sources, ranging from blogs, watching YouTube videos, participating in online communities, and much more.

Modern learners aren’t happy with the current lack of flexibility for learning through the traditional LMS and want L&D to provide a richer, more continuous learning eco-system. So it is no longer about the one-off, 30 minute eLearning course; it is about matching the reality of the learner in the workplace:


“Help me access the most appropriate content or tool, when I need it, in the form that I need it in, using the device of my choice.”


So if your organisation provides lots of tools and content sources e.g. using an internal Intranet site, PDFs, templates etc, which aren’t tracked on an LMS, considering xAPI for L&D could help to manage and track access to these.

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