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The Strategic Imperative for Schools: Technology as Connector

School would be a lot easier for administrators and teachers if technology were left outside of the classroom walls. Technology brings significant and frustrating obstacles to student learning. The range includes infrastructure issues like wireless connectivity, printing difficulties, projector failures, student behavioral challenges, and helping parents navigate the home environment with mobile technology. Teacher training […]

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The Horizon Report: A History of Ed-Tech Predictions

For over a decade now, the New Media Consortium has issued an annual Horizon Report, detailing the six technologies that it predicts will soon impact colleges and universities. These predictions identify emerging technologies on three “horizons”: four to five years, two to three years, and one year or less. Source: See on – EdTech 2.0

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Future Ready: Roadmaps to Tech Integration

Ultimately, effective leadership is at the core of trust. District leaders must look to develop a culture shift that starts with trusting those individuals they put in place to lead their initiatives. District leaders must also be open to thinking outside the box when it comes to developing technology plans. They need to understand that […]

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10 Online Learning Trends to Watch in 2015 [#Infographic]

The future’s biggest online movements in education are taking shape today.   Amid the shifting sands of online education, which trends can we expect to set the tone for e-learning in the year ahead?   Online options are growing, and the classroom format is changing to incorporate the technology. There are a few trends on […]

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Experiences in Self-Determined Learning: Moving from Education 1.0 Through Education 2.0 Towards Education 3.0

Self-determined learning or heutagogy is fast gaining interest from educators around the world interested in an evidence-based approach to learning. Grounded as it is on brain research and extensive research into how people learn self-determined learning is particularly popular among those interested in innovative approaches to learning. This edited book is the perfect primer on […]

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Can the Current Model of Higher Education Survive MOOCs and Online Learning? |

  How can institutions address the threat to higher education? In The Search for Survival, I proposed a model for surviving disruptive technologies.5 New technologies enable an innovator to develop a new product or service that is great for the innovator but that can prove extremely disruptive for incumbents. Incumbents often fail to respond because of various factors […]

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