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Exploring the “E” in ePortfolio

In graduate school, I serendipitously learned about ePortfolios and everything came unstuck. I realized that ePortfolios – if designed and implemented in an intentional, integrative way – could be the glue I was imagining. I also started to…

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How Educators Around The World Are Implementing Mobile Learning (And What You Can Learn From Them)

How schools respond to the growth of mobile devices will affect generations of students and their readiness for college and the workforce. It will also impact how well teachers, administrators, and staff do their jobs. We must all do our best to ensure that accessibility and quality remain top priorities as technology develops.

Cited From: http://www.opencolleges.edu.au/informed/features/how-educators-are-practicing-mobile-learning/#ixzz388FDxZoI

Source: www.opencolleges.edu.au

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Ebook Series Explores Digital Media and Learning — MacArthur Foundation

A series of eBooks available for free download goes behind the research in the field of digital media and learning to show how young people learn, play, and participate in the world around them, applying new tools, values, and ideas. The books include articles, blog posts, videos, and interviews published between 2009 and 2013 at the MacArthur-supported Spotlight on Digital Media and Learning, an online publication that explored the intersection between technology and education. The 10 ebooks are divided by topics such as civic participation, digital literacy, games and social impact, mobile learning, and the digital divide. The final book includes conversations with more than a dozen thought leaders, reflecting on how the field has changed and where it is headed next.  – See more at: http://www.macfound.org/press/publications/ebook-series-explores-digital-media-and-learning/#sthash.JbnpEOdq.dpuf

Source: www.macfound.org

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A Framework For Learning In Digital Networks

Though the constant updates can be annoying as twitter just to iterate itself towards monetization and permanent relevancy in a finicky digital landscape, among the changes I like is the ability to embed images. Other channels like tumblr have always had this, but not so with twitter. So when Sam Boswell tweeted the image above–being the right-brain idiot that I am–I clicked, and there was much irony in what I saw. A conceptual framework for learning in digital networks! (Get it? I was learning about digital networks on a digital network? Tough crowd.)

Source: www.teachthought.com

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The Paradox Of The Modern Teacher

22 propositions in an attempt to etch out the paradox of the modern teacher.

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RAIT: A Balanced Approach to Evaluating Educational Technologies

The rapid pace of technological change has become the norm in modern digital and information landscapes. Most operating systems, including both Microsoft and Mac OS, change every year or two; mobile devices develop annually with increasing sophistication; and new social- and cloud-based software …

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Students Are The New Digital Influencers

See on Scoop.it – Digital Literacies Simply because something is powerful, doesn’t mean that it should be feared. At a young age, students are introduced to a digital megaphone that will highlight their voice and experiences to the…

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Design Thinking for Educators Toolkit | IDEO

See on Scoop.it – Digital Fluency A free, how-to toolkit and coursework that introduces educators to the process and methods of design See on www.ideo.com

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10 Years of Educational Technology Trends in Online Learning Infographic | e-Learning Infographics

See on Scoop.it – Blended Learning Lab 10 Years of Educational Technology Trends in Online Learning Infographic: Looking Back to Move Forward. See on elearninginfographics.com

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Forecasting K 12 Edtech Adoption Trends (EdSurge News)

See on Scoop.it – Blended Learning Lab Trends change with the season. And in education technology, no one does a more persistent job of tracking these shifting patterns than theNew Media Consortium. Last week, the Austin, TX-based organization…

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