Competency-Based Approaches in K-12 Schools, Part Two

In this second post on schools’ approaches to competency-based education, I’m highlighting one NGLC grantee that has committed its model to a larger goal: positive multigenerational change. Read on to learn more about how LA’s USC Hybrid High School is preparing its high school students for success in higher education and beyond.


At USC Hybrid High, students are engaged in a personalized learning model that embeds technology across the curriculum. Additionally, students participate in a mastery-based personalized college prep program that includes core instruction delivered through online modules developed by teachers in Canvas, the school’s online LMS. Students control their pace as they advance through lessons and teachers guide students to work independently or in strategic groupings. The blended coursework and ongoing flow of data enables teachers to facilitate just-in-time learning by employing a variety of instructional strategies: on the spot interventions, one-on-one instruction, small-group pullouts, reteaching/remediation using another modality, or peer-to-peer support.

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