Ontology of “ePortfolio”

What do we associate with “eportfolio”?  Deep learning, engaged learning, integrative learning, reflective thinking, metacognition and other cognitive attributes.  But also we associate “eportfolio” with identity and personal development.  Personal development can apply to learning while enrolled in a program of formal study, or it can apply to personal development in a career.  We also associate “eportfolio” with life-long coherence, a record; and with life-wide application, multiple websites created for different purposes.

And more deeply, we associate eportfolio with transformation to forms more appropriate in a technology culture, forms of learning and assessment and self-expression.

We also associate “eportfolio” with various values in learning, such as the power of having one’s own digital space, of owning our own learning, the mobility of that digital space and its persistence.  In that space, we must be able to find things and re-arrange them and show them.  Just like a physical space, we need to be comfortable in our digital space.

We live in a new ecology of abundance of knowledge that is transient.  To adapt to this ecology, we humans need our own digital spaces, just as in a physical ecology, we need our houses and cars and other interior spaces.  We need an eportfolio.

Source: www.aaeebl.org

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