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A series of eBooks available for free download goes behind the research in the field of digital media and learning to show how young people learn, play, and participate in the world around them, applying new tools, values, and ideas. The books include articles, blog posts, videos, and interviews published between 2009 and 2013 at the MacArthur-supported Spotlight on Digital Media and Learning, an online publication that explored the intersection between technology and education. The 10 ebooks are divided by topics such as civic participation, digital literacy, games and social impact, mobile learning, and the digital divide. The final book includes conversations with more than a dozen thought leaders, reflecting on how the field has changed and where it is headed next.  – See more at: http://www.macfound.org/press/publications/ebook-series-explores-digital-media-and-learning/#sthash.JbnpEOdq.dpuf

Source: www.macfound.org

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