Gantry 5 RC1 Released

Gantry 5 is a complete, ground-up rewrite of the Gantry framework. Taking advantage of the latest Web technologies, Gantry 5 is built for the needs of tomorrow’s websites, today.

We wanted to create a framework that benefited from years of user feedback we received from Gantry 1-4. By opening up our development process to the community on Github, and creating a chat room where beta testers and Gantry users could communicate with our team directly, we were able to take Gantry 5 to a level that wouldn’t have been possible before.

This is the first version of Gantry that is community driven, not just community inspired.

By shedding a lot of the weight that comes with maintaining backward compatibility through multiple major updates, we were able to create a slimmer, faster user experience. We added human-readable solutions such as YAML configuration and an all-new touch-friendly user interface. The Gantry 5 Administrator is simple to use with drag-and-drop functionality and no programming experience required.


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