Blended and Online Assessment Taxonomy Design




In the infographic, Blended and Online Assessment Taxonomy, we have organized types of activities that suit various levels of assessments (2001) starting with remember, understand, and apply in the first row. Assessment activities like matching, multiple choice, and word problems fall among these lower levels of learning. Grading and feedback criteria for these levels of learning are very objective and include answer keys and checklists. One key advantage of using assessments in these levels is that often grading and feedback criteria are objective enough to be computer automated in the blended or online environment.


The second row of our infographic includes higher levels of active learning including analyze, evaluate, and create. Engaging curriculum whether face-to-face, blended, or online push student performances to these levels of learning; however, these assessments are less conducive to automated feedback systems as rubrics typically require intelligent judgment. The appropriate level of learning for any assessment should be determined by the learning objective(s).


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