Report: 4 Scenarios for Future Credentialing Systems


Methods of documenting the knowledge and skills of students and employees could change dramatically over the next 10 years, according to a new report from KnowledgeWorks, a nonprofit organization that works with schools and communities to foster personalized learning.

The report, “Certifying Skills and Knowledge: Four Scenarios on the Future of Credentials,” examines trends in education and the workplace to identify four possible scenarios for changes to credentialing over the next 10 years, including a baseline future that is much like the current system of credentialing, two alternative futures and a wild-card scenario.

In the baseline future, diplomas, degrees and certificates remain the dominant form of credentials. However, even this baseline future foresees increasingly diverse paths to achieving those credentials, such as online education, charter schools and homeschool, and an increase in micro-credentials such as badges to represent acquired skills and knowledge at a granular level.


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