Blended Learning Is for Teachers, Too

Innovative professional development initiatives infuse technology with in-person learning to enhance learning experiences for teachers.


Technology can’t replace the very best of in-person learning. Great teachers remain essential to creating and shepherding student learning through discussion, debate, coaching, advising, encouraging collaboration, and, yes, even using technology as a tool for instruction.


The question becomes, then, what can be done to help teachers be the best they can be, particularly with the new tools they have at their disposal?


In answer to this question, I believe we’ve got to help teachers engage as deep learners in their own profession, moving beyond one-size-fits-all, stand-and-deliver training and professional development (PD). I also believe that blended approaches will be instrumental to this in many of the same ways as for students, by using technology to focus on mastery of key skills with personalized supports and engagement in authentic tasks, while also allowing for choice and collaboration.


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