Moodle 2.7 is released!

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Our latest release puts a nice Moodle hat on top of six months of planning, conversations via every medium, meetings at all hours, arguments (usually constructive), worry, long coding sessions, organisation, chaos, conferences and mojitos among developers, teachers, administrators in many countries around the world, integrated by Moodle HQ.  About 104 developers have code credits in this release (including 23 from Moodle HQ).


As usual hundreds of bugs were found and fixed.  In addition we have our usual mix of new features that everyone can see and new features that developers and administrators care about.

Highlights of the new features include:

Improved interfaces for usability and accessibility on all platforms.  Bootstrap themes are now default.New Atto editor with tighter integration into Moodle and browsers.New More theme allowing easy customisation via the user interface. Improved conditional activities supporting more complex boolean operations and plugins.New mathematical equation editor that works on all browsers, including tablets and phones.
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