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“This paper proposes “teacher-led design inquiry of learning” as a new model of educational practice and professional development. This model combines four existing models. It integrates teacher inquiry into student learning, learning design, and Learning analytics, and aims to capture the essence of the synergy of these three fields.

Furthermore, we identify how Learning Analytics and the integrated model inform each other and could help integrating Learning Analytics into teachers’ practice. The last claim is demonstrated through an illustrative scenario. We envision that the integration of the four models could help teachers align both the improvement of their practices and the orchestration of their classrooms. Future empirical investigation is envisaged using a design based research framework and participatory design approach to engage teachers with the integrated model in a professional development process. We envisage that the integrated model will promote quality enhancement in education at a personal and collective level, and will be used to design better Learning Analytics, and learning enactment tools. The main limitation of the integrated model is that it requires organizational changes, and allocation of resources, in order to allow it to significantly impact practice.”

Towards Teacher-led Design Inquiry of Learning | Open Education Europa.

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