PoodLL now working with Moodle 2.6

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PoodLL is a series of plugins for Moodle, the learning management system. It adds to Moodle, features such as audio and video recording and components like stopwatches and flashcards. Check out the demo site to see it in action, or look at some screencasts or screenshots . It is all designed to be used in language learning classes, but there are lots of people using it different ways.

Patric Lougheed‘s insight:

Just noticed Poodll is now available for 2.6!

-internal changes for Moodle 2.6 compatibility. Nothing you would notice
-added backimage support for literallycanvas and drawingboard 
-added autosave support for whiteboards
-lots of changes related to the new PoodLL Anywhere mod. Some of these are on the recorders. Different RTMP status showing, and some other UI changes
-added support for static compiled FFMPEG. Just drop it into the PoodLL filter folder and it will use it if PoodLL filter settings tell it to.

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