Gantry Version 4.1.1 Released

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Release Notes – Gantry Joomla Framework – Version 4.1.0


Issue with K2 and Gantry4 template
• menu delay append box pushed down 1px
• .success, .error, .warning and .info table row classes missing
• Load Transitions parameter does not work
• splitmenu showing without children
• tooltip text missing in some places
• The per page layout overrides doesn’t work
• strict standards in /html/modules.php
• typography rounded corners
• separator menu item styling
• Linked Titles option does not function for com_content overrides
• Breadcrumbs arrow color different between 3.0 and 2.5
• Submenu items smaller in 3.0
• edit icon tooltip not readable
• Better support for filter colors for IE
New Feature
• new notice styles typography
• Support for Joomla 3.0
• New menu “Dropdown” responsive menu system to replace “Fusion”


Release Notes – Gantry Joomla Framework – Version 4.1.1

• Error with backwards compatibility for GantryPlatform

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