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Mozilla is Doing a Hack Job on Open Badges

This week at MozFest in London there’s a session called “Hack the Backpack” where the Open Badges community is being asked to help contribute to long-standing open and unaddressed issues regarding the backpack. It needs some “love”. But why is the Backpack in such dire need of attention? Isn’t Mozilla working on it? You’d think […]

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How could Open Badges Transform ePortfolio Practices and Technologies

How could Open Badges Transform ePortfolio Practices and Technologies! from Serge Ravet Looking at the history of ePortfolio practice and technologies over the last 10 years, one is entitled in asking: what has changed? Is the ePortfolio technology we have today that different from what we had 10 years ago? While there is certainly a […]

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Big journeys to small steps: Credibility in an Open Badges Context

Big journeys to small steps from bryanmathers Awarding Organisations define and measure progress on long journeys – those that have a beginning, a middle, and (hopefully) an end. The value in this scenario is almost always at the end of the journey, with the qualification earned by the learner. In this keynote, we’ll discuss a […]

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For an #OpenBadges Conceptual Framework (green paper)

The objective of this document is to provide a conceptual framework for understanding what Open Badges are, where do they come from, what they could become in the future and how they relate to other concepts and initiatives. This framework does not pretend and does not intend to be neutral. It is designed within the […]

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Digital Badges for Learning

With the Mozilla Open Badge project and any number of recent initiatives, the idea of using badges for documenting learning continues to gain interest and traction in the field of education.  What is a digital badge?  Think of a digital equivalent of boy scout badges. A badge is granted when a scout demonstrates a given skill. […]

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Open badges for education: what are the implications at the intersection of open systems and badging?

Badges have garnered great interest among scholars of digital media and learning. In addition, widespread initiatives such as Mozilla’s Open Badge Framework expand the potential of badging into the realm of open education. In this paper, we explicate the concept of open badges. We highlight some of the ways that researchers have examined badges as […]

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