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Badging in a Learner-Centered Context

Daniel Hickey describes his process for badging and how the learner might personalize their achievements.

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Big journeys to small steps: Credibility in an Open Badges Context

Big journeys to small steps from bryanmathers Awarding Organisations define and measure progress on long journeys – those that have a beginning, a middle, and (hopefully) an end. The value in this scenario is almost always at the end of the journey, with the qualification earned by the learner. In this keynote, we’ll discuss a […]

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Students want better digital credentials

As it stands, diplomas represent degree completion and achievement, while transcripts provide a deeper level of detail as to how someone earned their degree. However, transcripts are more focused on student mobility within or between schools, and do not show a complete stock of experience gained. In fact, 46 percent of learners polled feel that […]

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IMS Global getting into Badges!

MS thinks that CBE and Badges are probably going to become intertwined as both progress into the future. CBE, at its most broad interpretation, is about relaying information about what a person is capable of doing, ideally including evidence. The current Mozilla Open Badges specification is, in our opinion, the best work so far in […]

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