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Do I Need a Digital Teaching Portfolio?

A well-planned, current digital teaching portfolio can be an asset whether you’re seeking a job, being evaluated within your school, or simply demonstrating your professionalism.

Source: www.edutopia.org

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Why Large-Scale E-Portfolios Make Sense

A new initiative at the University of Alaska Anchorage aims to roll out campuswide e-portfolios by 2015, with the potential to go even broader on the horizon.


Education is still very much concerned with how we know students are learning, that we’re getting through to them, that they’re walking away with knowledge, skills and abilities.


Sometimes the accrediting community — whether institutional or program — is asking the same types of questions. How do we know students are learning in your program? Give me examples. Give me evidence. Give me tangible things that show learning is taking place. Portfolios are one of those vehicles to start responding to those questions.

Source: campustechnology.com

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